Operating & Maintaining submarine cable networks present unique challenges associated with accessibility, long distances, and constant exposure to the elements. Combined with the growing global internet demand, technology evolving and new systems being regularly installed, ASN Services plays a key role within the company, with a high level of expertise and an experience progressing constantly.

During the complete life cycle of the optical submarine cable systems, ASN Services provide unique services designed and delivered by ASN Technical Support Engineers, with the common objective to focus on customer satisfaction. Our experts deliver support to all the submarine cable systems under warranty and after warranty to customers having subscribed to a maintenance contract, 8am/6pm CET (24/7/365 optional), with many additional services & advanced solutions.

A secure remote operating system

Secure Remote Operating Center

Facility dedicated for remote connexion to customer network, in a complete secured environment, supported by a back-up facility, to resolve network issues.

A test center

Test Center

Fully equipped facility to simulate a complete submarine optical network dedicated to multiple activities, such as : Refresher training Programs for customers, internal training development for technical experts for new skill development, but also simulation of configurations for existing submarine cable networks within ASN customer base for a quicker issue resolution.

A repair management system

Repair Management Center

Centralizes repair inquiries received from customers for faulty equipment which are then spread between ASN annexe manufacturing centers, and either a new equipment or repaired one is sent back to the customer. Also, the Repair center maintains a sufficient stock level with replacement units.


icone remote support

Remote Support

Access to experts providing support

icone of a computer with adjustable wrench

Dry & Wet Plant Hardware Repair

Including shipping, customs clearance, duties & taxes

icone wet plant spare testing

Wet Plant Spare Testing​

Ensure all spares are ready to use

icone land route audit

Land Route Audit & Repair ​

Audit & on-site interventions for land routes & beach joints

icone boat

Marine Repair

For undersea faults – Depot facilities

icone location with wave inside

Marine Repair Coordination

Extended support during marine repair

icone location with waves inside

Remote Support During Marine Repair

For undersea faults – Depot facilities

icone binoculars

Live Video Support

For interactive & real-time remote assistance

icone das

Asset Monitoring

Cable protection against external aggression

icone next generation noc

Next Generation NOC Services

Monitor, alert, maintain, administrate, 24/7/365

icone das

Marine Liaison & Cable Awareness

Real-time surveillance along cables

icone das

Guad Vessel Services

Cable protection against external aggression


icone remote support

On Demand Expertise

Audit, Preventive & corrective actions – remote/on-site

icone training

Refresh Training

On dry & wet equipment, jointing etc

icone screwdriver and adjustable wrench

Spare Refilling

Cable, UJ, etc

icone network evolution

Network Evolution Guidance

Upgrade/ replacement of equipment, configuration updates, capacity add-on

icone cybersecurity

Cyber Security Services

Network protection against cyber attacks

icone location with waves inside


Station, equipment, land and submarine cable

icone screwdriver and adjustable wrench

C-OTDR Service

Tests integrity of the repeatered fiber pairs

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Alain Biston

Alain Biston

President & CEO

Alain has been working for more than 25 years in telecoms, with Nortel, then Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia, holding management and leadership positions in R&D, Product Line, Industrial Operations, Sales & Marketing, Business Unit P&L accountability.

He brings to ASN his thorough knowledge of the telecoms industry, his extensive international management background with several postings overseas, and his field-proven customer-facing acumen.

Since 2016, as a Nokia executive, Alain has been Senior VP Customer Operations End2End and until now Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile Network business management.

Alain holds a degree in Information Technology from INSA, Rennes, France. He was also honored with the National Order of Merit in 2006 from the French Minister of Industry.