Welcome to Alcatel Submarine Networks, a global leader in submarine optical systems. We have made a significant mark with over 800,000 km of top-tier submarine optical systems, enough to circle the globe 20 times.

Since 1994, we have been committed to manufacturing, installing, and maintaining advanced submarine cables and equipment. Our work spans telecoms, content and service provider infrastructures, and offshore oil and gas industries.

Based in France, ASN leads in supplying fiber optics globally, with unparalleled transmission capacity and extensive installations. Join our journey as we advance telecommunications, linking continents and enhancing worldwide communication.

Boat "Ile de Brehat" sailing at sea
Boat "Ile de Brehat" sailing at sea


Boat "Ile de Batz" sailing at sea


ASN stands at the forefront of telecom innovation, boasting the industry’s most accomplished history in advancing new technologies. Our efforts have consistently driven significant increases in network capacity, helping our clients meet evolving service demands.

From traditional voice communications to modern broadband and cloud services, our submarine networks ensure smooth, efficient delivery across a unified, expertly managed infrastructure.

At ASN, we’re not just keeping pace with change, we’re defining it.


Leveraging on its long established expertise on the supply of submarine telecom networks, ASN has developed a unique portfolio of turnkey subsea optical fibre communication and sensing solutions to support offshore Energy operators operations.

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Get to know OptoDAS, ASN’s fiber optic sensing technology.

Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) is revolutionizing subsea environmental studies by turning any fiber optic cable into a very long and highly sensitive acoustic antenna. This antenna will also support protection of the submarine cables and other critical subsea infrastructure.
With its unique interrogation technique, OptoDAS is leading the field and provides a top-range tool to scientists & operators alike.


Operating and maintaining submarine cable networks present unique challenges associated with accessibility, long distances, and constant exposure to the elements. Combined with the growing global internet demand, evolving technology, and regular installation of new systems, the Business Unit Services plays a key role within ASN, with an excellent level of expertise and continuously progressing experience.

From Provisional Acceptance throughout the network life cycle, the BU provides unique services designed and delivered by ASN Technical Support Engineers, covering all aspects of operations and maintenance, on land and at sea.

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Upgrading existing submarine cable systems is a highly cost-effective method of enhancing high-speed capacity. We provide the necessary technologies, tools, and teams for all aspects of these operations.



ASN builds and deploys networks and equipment to support the growth of global communications, with projects that demonstrate our expertise and innovation. Our work, from continent-wide submarine cables to critical infrastructure support, reflects the trust our customers place in us as we connect people around the world. Each project underlines our commitment to excellence and our contribution to global connectivity. Find out how ASN goes beyond laying cables – we connect the world.


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Alain Biston

Alain Biston

President & CEO

Alain has been working for more than 25 years in telecoms, with Nortel, then Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia, holding management and leadership positions in R&D, Product Line, Industrial Operations, Sales & Marketing, Business Unit P&L accountability.

He brings to ASN his thorough knowledge of the telecoms industry, his extensive international management background with several postings overseas, and his field-proven customer-facing acumen.

Since 2016, as a Nokia executive, Alain has been Senior VP Customer Operations End2End and until now Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile Network business management.

Alain holds a degree in Information Technology from INSA, Rennes, France. He was also honored with the National Order of Merit in 2006 from the French Minister of Industry.