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With the most successful track record in the industry, ASN has continuously led the development of new technologies enabling substantial network capacity increases to assist its customers in meeting their end-users’ service demands over time. Whether it is traditional voice traffic or new broadband services and cloud applications, ASN’s submarine networks enable seamless service delivery over a single, managed infrastructure.


ASN transoceanic solutions are developed to meet the most challenging long-haul applications transporting up to terabit/s capacities, while regional solutions are developed to address regional scale medium capacity applications in an optimized way. Their flexibility and scalability help service providers meet the needs for increased capacity to transport growing broadband traffic loads efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as to connect all territories and islands to the worldwide internet backbone.

ASN proposes an innovative design approach optimising cost per bit : SDM1. This disruptibe solution is an alternative to the traditional design philosophy status quo.

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telecom unrepeater


With no submerged active electronics, unrepeatered submarine networks are a cost-effective alternative to microwave and satellite solutions for distances up to 500 km.Our unrepeatered submarine network solutions are derived from our high-performance repeatered solutions. They connect seamlessly with repeatered systems and terrestrial networks. Unrepeatered submarine cable systems include cable protection and armoring options to suit any installation environment or sea floor condition.

ASN designs unrepeatered submarine cable networks that offer the best performance versus cost ratio and provide a wide range of protection and armoring capabilities to suit any installation environment or sea floor condition. The key elements of an ASN solution are derived from high performance repeatered terminal technology and highly robust repeatered cable technology. Because there are no active submerged electronics, they offer cost-effective alternatives to microwave and satellite-based options, using different channel rates depending on system capacity and distance requirements.

SDM Spatial Division Multiplexing


  • ASN was the first to introduce SDM1 to the market back in 2016
  • Presentation of the first 16 fiber pairs cable at SubOptic in 2016
  • SDM1 fully qualified in 2019

ASN proposes an innovative design approach optimizing cost per bit. This disruptive solution is an alternative to the traditional design philosophy status quo.

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SDM powered by ASN is revolutionizing the traditional submarine network design: “High power, High OSNR, High Effective Area (Aeff) fibre” by using “Low Power, Low OSNR, Low Aeff Fibre and more fibre pairs” in order to:

Push the limits of theoretical design capacity by minimizing nonlinear effects that add complexity and cost;
Create and efficient optical and electrical network based on repeater pump farming, low Aeff submarine fibres, and higher fibre counts;
Work in the optimum spectral efficiency of SLTE : 2-3 b/s/Hz and lower chromatic dispersion compensation.

SDM1 powered by ASN is a simple and smart combination of:

New product features, including :
– Repeater pumping schemes;
– Higher Fibre count submarine cable designs.

Proven and widely use fibre technologies;
Optimised electrical dimensioning resulting in a smaller cable conductor;
Optimum spectral efficiency range (2-3 b/s/Hz) with lower chromatic dispersion compensation.


– Design of submarine “open” cables, paper for OFC


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– Alcatel Submarine Networks deploys a new cable in the Coral Sea, connecting Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to Australia, Coral Sea press release by ASN

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Alain Biston

Alain Biston

President & CEO

Alain has been working for more than 25 years in telecoms, with Nortel, then Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia, holding management and leadership positions in R&D, Product Line, Industrial Operations, Sales & Marketing, Business Unit P&L accountability.

He brings to ASN his thorough knowledge of the telecoms industry, his extensive international management background with several postings overseas, and his field-proven customer-facing acumen.

Since 2016, as a Nokia executive, Alain has been Senior VP Customer Operations End2End and until now Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile Network business management.

Alain holds a degree in Information Technology from INSA, Rennes, France. He was also honored with the National Order of Merit in 2006 from the French Minister of Industry.