Alcatel Submarine Networks selected for the groundbreaking Anel CAM submarine cable project in Portugal

Paris, France 
– March 19, 2024

Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) is honored to announce it has been awarded by Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) the implementation of the innovative Anel CAM project, a submarine fiber optic cable network designed to upgrade and extend digital connectivity across the country and beyond. This ambitious project marks a key step in the modernization of Portugal’s communications infrastructure, linking Portugal to the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira, and reinforcing the country’s central role in the global telecommunications network.

ASN cable map project in Portugal

The new submarine cable system will be 3,812km long and comprise six pairs of optical fibers, offering a total capacity of at least 150 Tbps. This capacity represents a substantial increase on the current system, multiplying transmission capacity by 500 and ensuring ultra-high-speed, low-latency connectivity, essential for 5G mobile technologies and other services required by our digital economies.

The Anel CAM project also features a unique SMART (Science Monitoring And Reliable Telecommunications) technology component, enabling seismic detection, climate and environmental monitoring, and data transmission for scientific purposes. This innovation places Portugal at the forefront of research into climate change and natural disaster prevention, providing crucial data for understanding and anticipating extreme weather phenomena.

Miguel Cruz, president of IP, highlighted the great importance of launching this project “when currently more than 95% of all communication and internet is supported by submarine cables, we will create conditions to replace the current communications system, for a new and more modern system that will have a capacity of approximately 150 terabytes and will allow for enormous improvements in terms of communications performance and, consequently, a reduction in costs, as well for the importance of having, for the very first time in Portugal, a SMART Cable”.

ASN is committed to applying its recognized expertise and technological capability to the Anel CAM project, thus affirming its position as a leader in the field of submarine telecommunications infrastructure. This project not only underlines Portugal’s commitment to innovation and digital sovereignty, but also strengthens the long-standing partnership between ASN and Portugal, demonstrating mutual trust and a shared commitment to technological excellence.

“We are proud of this new collaboration with Portugal for this groundbreaking project. ASN is fully committed to applying our expertise and most advanced technologies to ensure the success of the Anel CAM project”, said Paul Gabla, ASN Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, at the official announcement.

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Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA, is a public company responsible for the management of road and railway infraestrutures, that operates within a rationale that is aimed at promoting multimodal mobility, ensuring the provision of safe, efficient and sustainable services. IP’s corporate object is the design, construction, financing, conservation, operation, restoration, expansion and modernization of national road and rail networks, including the command and control of train movement.

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Alain Biston

Alain Biston

President & CEO

Alain has been working for more than 25 years in telecoms, with Nortel, then Alcatel-Lucent / Nokia, holding management and leadership positions in R&D, Product Line, Industrial Operations, Sales & Marketing, Business Unit P&L accountability.

He brings to ASN his thorough knowledge of the telecoms industry, his extensive international management background with several postings overseas, and his field-proven customer-facing acumen.

Since 2016, as a Nokia executive, Alain has been Senior VP Customer Operations End2End and until now Senior Vice President in charge of Mobile Network business management.

Alain holds a degree in Information Technology from INSA, Rennes, France. He was also honored with the National Order of Merit in 2006 from the French Minister of Industry.